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Lake users

Our archive is back online by popular request
In February 2012 Subiaco Council voted 8-5 to stop the neglect of Lake Jualbup. The plan included many of Save Our Jewel's own proposals such as improving safety and reducing leakage with natural clay. Work began in November 2017.

Completion in June 2018 marked the end of ten long years of community struggle. We took down this website as it was no longer needed. But it was later seen to be historically important so in April 2023 we put it back online. The full story of 2008-2022 has been updated and is on our Summary of Events pages.

Remember those who helped achieve the upgrade
Central was the Save Our Jewel group (they are on our Website History page) and their helpers including lake researcher Dr Geoffrey Dean. Collectively they started the push, organised plans and petitions, and developed this website. Without them nothing would have happened. But many others provided support in getting the job done, some playing key roles in the early days. They included:
    -- Councillors Dr Lynley Hewitt, Derek Leeder, Judith Gedero, Murray Rowe.
    -- Mayor Heather Henderson and staff member Steve Tierney.
    -- Petitions Lynette Gomm (organising) and Kirk Bellerby (publicity).
    -- Scientists Dr Don McFarlane (CSIRO) and Dr Craig Lawrence (Fisheries).

As always our thanks go to the ratepayers of Shenton Park and beyond for their support and petition-signing. Allan Stoney, Convenor, Save-Our-Jewel group.


Save LJ sign

Summary of Events 2008-2014 pdf 3.4 MB 20 pp 61 photos 5 diag 2018 update
Important early steps in the struggle to restore Lake Jualbup. Includes responses to our petition, the Subiaco resolution to restore permanent water, your reactions, testing begins, weed spraying continues, administrative bias uncovered, surprising findings about the lake bottom, work on management plan begins (slowly).


What's New?

Summary of Events 2015-2022 pdf 5.2 MB 13 pp 93 photos 3 diag 2022 update
Includes working group drives management plan, poor rains keep lake level low, contamination from Kilgor Lake at QEII, road runoff reduced by soakwells in drains, Department of Aboriginal Affairs gives approval, Subiaco council approves $1.5m for restoration, work is completed despite disruption by a record 124mm rainfal.


Website History pdf 2.7 MB 4 pp 19 photos 1 diag 2018 update
History of this website and the events that led up to it, meet the Save-Our-Jewel group, see visitor statistics, and read visitor comments about this website.


Two ibises

Our Proposals pdf 1.0 MB 7 pages 37 photos 3 diagrams 2015 update
They include permanent water, willows, wildlife, signage, and access for the disabled. With four myths about the lake, how to pronounce Jualbup, update on the use of natural clays instead of polymer to reduce leakage, a map showing our proposals, and a map showing the restoration adopted by Subiaco council.


Map of proposals

Map of Lake Jualbup Restoration pdf 98 KB 1 page 2015 update
Annotated map showing the restoration adopted by Subiaco council.
Shows everything in one hit. Same map as in previous item.


Swan and cygnets

Follow-Up to Our Proposals pdf 1.1 MB 16 pages 26 photos 8 diagrams 2015 update
Environmental topics including why lakes are drying out. Restoring the seal. Three myths about community attitudes. Where the original lake and local recreation ground was in the 1900s. Lake Jualbup compared with local wetlands (with map).



Reports on Lake Jualbup 2000-2016 pdf 207 KB 2 pages New in 2017
Commissioned by the City of Subiaco, average cost $40K-$50K, with URLs for retrieval from the City of Subiaco website. There are 14 main reports, plus many updates and other extras that are available but we don't list (enough is enough).



Two Case Studies pdf 207 KB 3 pages 7 photos 1 diagram 2014 update
Mabel Talbot Reserve in Jolimont and Hyde Park Lakes in the Town of Vincent. They tell us more about the issues than any armchair environmentalist opinion. Includes the pros and cons of drying out for you to draw your own conclusions.



Aboriginal Heritage pdf 296 KB 3 pages 6 photos 2012 update
Registered Aboriginal sites. The agreement between Subiaco and Nyungah Elders. Nyungah connections with nature. Improving heritage signage. Significance of Hyde Park Lakes and implications for Lake Jualbup.



Independent Review pdf 2.1 MB 15 pages 2 diagrams Issued 2012
By Rockwater Pty Ltd gives a general OK to the hydrology in our proposals and in Dr Geoffrey Dean's research, including proposals for reducing leakage. Reviews how the area might respond to flooding. With comments on the RPS proposals.


Letters to the 

Letters pdf 602 KB 22 pages 24 photos Dated but still worth reading
In March 2010 - March 2011 the POST had 48 letters on Lake Jualbup.
Average length was 250 words. Here you can read all of them.
See what people thought about Lake Jualbup in their own words.


Duck with 

Birdlife pdf 877 KB 3 pages 32 photos
Local resident Bill Mackenzie has recorded nearly 50 bird species at Lake Jualbup. Nedlands resident Stephen Randell has witnessed special bird moments in close-up. Here are 32 of their photographs. You won't see these birds if the lake is dry!


Grebe nesting

History pdf 7.8 MB 55 pages with index 90 photos 15 diagrams 2011 update
A year-by-year illustrated history of Lake Jualbup from before settlement to May 2011, with an index to events (200 entries). Watch this space for the latest update. Kindly made available by its author Dr Geoffrey Dean.



Hydrology full text pdf 2.3 MB 52 pages with index 80 photos 70 diagrams 2012 update
Summary only pdf 254 KB
4 pages 10 photos 15 diagrams 2012 update
The secret life of water in Lake Jualbup. Dr Geoffrey Dean's digest of available scientific information, and his 2012 interactive model for predicting water level.